Born and raised for creating beautiful things

HILA SADE was born in Jerusalem,to two artist parents. .Sade Design was established in 1998 and has quickly gained an international reputation. Sade Design pieces are each individually designed and crafted with love. Each piece is reminiscent of Hila‘s childhood surrounding- the colors,landscapes and themes of her homeland. The Coral,Turquoise and other jewel tones subtly play off each other in Hila‘s signature pieces,inspired by the sea,sand and sky. Sade Design has created jewels that are unique and multi faceted, these beautifully designed treasures can be mixed and matched,offering Hila‘s devoted fans their own artistic vision. Sade designs has attracted women of all ages with an eye for fashion. Beautifully designed and hand made, Sade designs are set in Swarovski crystals as well as plated mixed metal & leather. Hila Sade continues to create fresh and innovative designs each season, from stackable bracelets to multi strand necklaces,Sade Design is the perfect compliment to any look.